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Small Wonder-Lyzer™ is a unique patented device, which marks a TECHNOLOGY BREAKTHROUGH WORLDWIDE in the field of laboratory dialysis. No clamps, no threads, no syringes. A host of new features not offered by any existing device! Conceptualized by two biochemists, development of the device involved a massive industry-academia effort spanning more than a decade (1997-2007). Intellectual property experts, technology funding agencies, biological scientists, chemical engineers, plastic specialists, electron microscopy experts, renowned professors from life sciences/physical science laboratories, students and researchers- all networked extensively during the development period to simplify usage of device and overcome a number of technical barriers viz. membrane sac attachment, prevention of leakages due to capillary action of membrane folds, making device non-stick to optimize sample recovery, printing of graduations on 'non-stick' surface and finally making the device stable during use, enabling wide range of processing capacity within a single unit.

Development of the invention was supported under a unique innovation promotion program called "TePP" of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India and also National Research and Development Corporation (NRDC), New Delhi, India.

The product was subjected to extensive field trials in leading laboratories in India and abroad and received very positive feedback from researchers and scientists. The final outcome is a rugged, versatile product 'Small Wonder-Lyzer™' which offers unmatched features coupled with unbelievable simplicity!