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Purification of Ionic Liquids


Ionic liquids not only have the potential to increase chemical reactivity and thus lead to more efficient processes, but are also non-flammable and less toxic than conventional solvents due to their low vapor pressure. Attractive features include:

  • The ionic liquid can act  both as a catalyst as well as a solvent.
  • Solvation, solvolysis, reaction rates, and selectivity can be increased.
  • Side reactions can be reduced.

The potential to reduce pollution in industrial processes have led to investigations of ionic liquids as alternative reaction media for a variety of applications in green chemistry. Recently, ionic liquids have received worldwide attention as replacements for organic solvents in catalysis.

The purification of Ionic Liquids is an uphill battle at present. This is because during the process of anion metathesis, all the starting chloride or bromide (Chaotropic anions, hydrophilic), do not go into water and are not completely eliminated from the ionic liquid phase, even after washing several times with water. Hence, their removal poses considerable challenges. Small Wonder-Lyzer™ owing to its convenient design can be used for performing easy removal of alkaline salts from Hydrophobic Ionic Liquids.

Advantages of using SWL™

  • Single device can be used over a wide volume range of samples ranging from 0.5 ml to 20ml.
  • Highly efficient- results in almost complete elimination of contaminating salts!
  • No mess, no fuss!
  • Fast, easy and convenient method.

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