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Nanotechnology (Studying Release Profile of Drug Loaded Nano-Particles or Microspheres)

Small Wonder-Lyzer™ owing to its convenient design can easily be used for Studying Release Profile of Drug Loaded Nano-Particles or Microspheres.


When drug loaded nanoparticles are placed inside the membrane sac and subjected to dialysis, the nanoparticles are retained by the membrane, but the drug is released slowly into the solution outside the membrane. Hence, after a period of time (as per experiment), depending upon release profile of the drug-loaded nanoparticles, the drug will diffuse-out into the solution present outside the membrane sac. This drug can easily be quantitated by HPLC or any other suitable method, to arrive at the % drug release.


The semipermeable membrane allows the small sized drug molecules to diffuse out but not the polymeric nanoparticles. The membrane pore size in case of small wonder-lyzer™ is < 3 nm, making it suitable for nanoparticles above this size. It fully retains the protein cytochrome C having molecular weight 12 kD corresponding to an approximate size of 3 nm.

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