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Drug Binding / Permeation Studies

The Degree of Drug Binding (Drug-Protein Binding) gives significant effect on the Pharmacokinetic and the Pharmacodynamic properties of a drug, thus providing an interpretation of fraction of total drug available for bioactivity or clearance. Supposing you want to calculate the % Drug Binding of a particular Drug to Serum- Small Wonder-Lyzer™ makes it very simple!


Drug molecule is a small molecule, which can easily diffuse out of the semipermeable membrane of small wonder-lyzer™, but human serum proteins cannot. When the serum + drug solution after overnight incubation is put into membrane sac of small wonder-lyzer™ and subjected to dialysis, the free drug diffuses out, but the drug bound to proteins cannot come out. Hence, after a period of time (2 hours is usually sufficient in case of small wonder-lyzer™), all free drug will have diffused out and will be in the solution outside the membrane sac. This drug can easily be quantitated by HPLC or any other suitable method, to arrive at the % drug binding.


  • Reproducible, easy method
  • No mess, no fuss!
  • Fast
  • Convenient
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