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The development of Small Wonder-Lyzer is a story in itself. The device took ten long years to be born ! Along the way, several interesting incidents took place, several individuals contributed. Each is a story in itself. Read on......

Story -1   How SWL became 'non-floating'
Story -2   How SWL multi-unit plate of got 'long cuts'
Story -3   How SWL lost all its colors!
Story -4   How it was discovered that SWL is the world's first 100% contamination free device
Story -5   How it was discovered that SWL is a 'leak free device'
Story -6   The happy researcher who used SWL to immobilize his enzyme
Story -7   How SWL became non-stick
Story -8   How the 'non-stick' property of SWL created a serious problem in manufacturing
Story -9   How SWL came to be called a 'fourth generation' device