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How SWL™ multi-unit plate got 'long cuts'

The problem of 'thick fingers': SWL™ had been successfully stabilized using a 'top supporting plate'. For multiple units, it appeared to be a simple solution to develop a larger plate. A larger unit could hold more units e.g. 4-5. Optimization was carried out and a plate holding 5 units was designed. However, a problem occurred. While the smaller plate could be easily gripped by one hand, the larger plate was not so easy to hold with one hand, since the large size did not permit easy gripping. Holes were given along the periphery of the plate, to enable inserting of fingers into the plate, for easy gripping. Problem appeared to be solved. But it wasn't! Field trials with the multi-unit plate revealed that researchers with 'thick fingers' were unable to hold the plate- the fingers would not go in! Fortunately the solution was simple- the holes were 'elongated' so that not only one but several thick fingers could be inserted, resulting in comfortable and easy gripping! Five units of 20 ml each could be processed at a time, resulting in a processing capacity of 100 ml solution!

Thus, the SWL™ multi-unit plate got 'long cuts'.