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100% Contamination Free

In the New Device, no accessory dips into water, making it a 100% accessory contamination free device, Worldwide!

It can be explained as follows:

  1. Support plate remains outside water
  2. Entire dialysis device, including supporting ring is outside water, 0% contamination
  3. Only 'Functional Part' i.e. membrane is dipping inside water. Nothing Else!!!
SWL™ Comparison with other Devices:
In dialysis tubing tied with threads, threads dip in water. Potential source of contamination due to bleaching agents, gums additives in threads etc.In dialysis tubing closed with clamps, clamps dip in water. Potential source of contamination due to coloring agents in the plastics and also 'dirt' accumulated over period of time, due to repeated use.In a fabricated device in form of a cassette, the 'Cassette' Device has 2 limitations i.e source of contamination from float and from frame of cassette.