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Time Saving

First device which permits multiple sample recovery at one go!

  1. Plate holding the units is simply inverted.
  2. Muliple sample recovery occurs at one go!!
  3. Fast, easy and time saving!

Sample recovery of mutiple samples is easily achieved, simply by inverting the plate! Samples do not have to be removed one by one!

SWL™ comparison with other Devices:
Dialysis tubing sacs

When processing multiple samples using dialysis tubing sacs, each sac has to be removed and processed one by one. Slow and cumbersome process. Even more when tubing has been tied using threads instead of clamps!! However, in SWL recovery of samples is simple- no untying of threads or clamps. Just inverting the device results in sample collection.
Fabricated devices e.g. cassettes

Samples after dialysis, have to be removed from each cassette one-by-one, using individual syringes e.g. for five samples, 5 syringes with needles are needed. No such hassles in SWL. No syringes or needles needed. Just invert the plate holding the SWL units- sample collection occurs at ONE GO. Remarkably fast and simple!