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How it was discovered that SWL™ is a 'leak free device'

The troubled researcher: A researcher performing dialysis of highly concentrated protein solutions was deeply troubled. He was using dialysis tubing, tied with clamps. The sac absorbed water and swelled. Swelled so much, that it created pressure at the joint and caused leaks, despite the clamps.

SWL™ and the relief! When the same samples were dialyzed using SWL™, water absorption occurred as in earlier experiments, but leakage did not occur. This was because, earlier the inflow of water caused the membrane sac to swell, since there was no space to expand. The swelling led to pressure at the joint, resulting in leakage. However, in SWL™, there is almost 'double the sac capacity empty space' above the membrane sac holding the sample. Hence, even when there is inflow of water, membrane sac in SWL™ does not swell, since absorbed water simply overflows into empty space of graduated cylinder , rather than exerting pressure against the membrane. Also, in SWL™ no joints dip into solution. By virtue of design, in SWL™ joints are outside the solution and not inside as in other devices.

Thus, it was discovered that SWL™ is practically a 'leak free device'.