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The happy researcher who used SWL™ to immobilize his enzyme

Easy immobilization: A researcher came across the innovative SWL™. And used it in an innovative manner! He did not use it for dialysis- rather he used it for immobilization of an enzyme to convert his substrate to product. How?

Simple- he just poured his enzyme solution into the graduated cylinder of the device, attached the membrane sac and inverted the device. The enzyme solution flowed into the sac, filling it (and making it look like a 'grape'!). He then attached the top plate and placed the device over a beaker filled with substrate solution, with a magnet thrown in to stir the solution. After some time, the entire substrate had got converted into pure product. He just lifted SWL™ and place it over another beaker filled with substrate- the enzyme had been immobilized in the sac and was easy to remove and reuse!

The mechanism: What had happened? The enzyme in the sac could not come out- the pore size of the membrane (10-12 kD) was much smaller than the enzyme (about 45 kD). However, the substrate molecule being quite small, easily diffused into the sac. There it bound with the enzyme, got converted into product and then diffused out again. The process continued, till the entire substrate solution had got converted to product. The best part was that the enzyme was retained in the sac 100% i.e. it had been immobilized in a very simple, easy and quick manner. Re-use was even more simple- the unit simply had to be lifted and placed over another beaker filled with substrate!